• MyBot

Player controlled Scientist can do lots of things. gather shoot things you name it.

Little video of some of the things.

/mybot - Enable/disable the mybot controller for your player

/mybot help - Show the help menu

/mybot draw - Toggle the draw marker system

/mybot free  - Release control of your mybot

/mybot guard - Make your mybot hostal to all players

/mybot kit <kitname> - Give your mybot a kit

/mybot info - Display current statistics for you mybot Health. Etc

Player Controls.

(You can set the command keys in the config)There are 3 keys you can use to control your mybot.

The USE key (default) is used to tell your mybot to move, attack, And Gather.

To issue a move order look at the position you want your mybot to move to and press the USE key. A cyan arrow will appear at the position and your mybot will move there. If you have follow enabled the mybot will make its way back to you

To issue a attack order look at a target (enemy player or animal) and press the USE key. A red arrow will appear on the target and your mybot will begin pursuit.

To open your mybot inventory, simply stand next to him and press the USE key to open.

The RELOAD key (default) is used to command your mybot to stay/follow.

The mybot can currently kill players, animals, other npc's, Attack the Heli/HotairBalloons/GyroCopter Gather Resources of the ground. Follow you around, Give him kits and mutch more.

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